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My name is Larry Heninger. Yeah, I'm the fellow who you see leading the music service at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church. We have a choir that loves to sing and a congregation who loves to sing. Not because we are singers but because Jesus put a song in our hearts to lift Him up in praise and worship!

I am married to the sweetest young lady named Sheryl Heninger and we together oversee the lives of three very special men with special needs. They are Tom Heninger, Raymond Heninger and Jeff Heninger. Together we make a family of five who love the Lord and attend together along with our church family at Mt. Gilead.

We live in the Cedar Grove / Terry community on a small hobby farm of 16 acres. We have three dogs and a cat. One is a loveable, heinz57 watch dog and two Boston Terriers inside. The cat is a rescue that Sheryl nurtured from near death from abandonment as kitten only a few days old.

We attended Church - prior to Mt. Gilead - at Hopewell Baptist church on Hopewell Road in Lavinia where Sheryl and I were married by the late Rev. Gary Burke who became a dearest friend to us both. Sheryl and I are saved by the grace of God through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ and the blood he shed to cover our sins to give us eternal life. We are dedicated to servitude unto the Lord in service, deed, love and through God's Word, grow in his teachings. We are NOT perfect people but we look daily to our saviour to perfect our lives and hearts.


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