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Sunday School Ministry

Sunday school is the meeting of a small group that studies, encourages and ministers to people of the same age, grade or place in life. We have many different ways that you can get involved at Mt. Gilead through the Sunday school ministry. It would be our pleasure to serve with you! Here are our current classes and ways to be involved in:


Pre K- 1st grade (basement B-4)

2nd-4th grade (basement B-14)

5th-6th grade (basement B-5)

Youth (7th-12th basement B-7/9)

College & Career (basement B-2)

Young married (basement B-1)

Couples (basement B-3)

Sr. Ladies (gymnasium G-3)

Bro. Micah's class (gymnasium G-4)


How can we serve you? We would love for you to join us!

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