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September 17, 2023

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Join us each week in person as we study God's Word and thank Him for His goodness and grace. 

Sunday Morning SS 10am
Sunday Morning Worship Service 11am
Sunday Evening Worship 6pm
Wednesday Evening:   6pm Fellowship Meal
                                                    6pm Youth Hangout
                                                   7pm Mid-Week BIBLE Study for ALL Ages

Upcoming Events:
September 17-20:  Revival  Sunday 6pm  Monday-Wednesday 7pm 
September 24:  Church Picnic  Following Morning Worship

September 28:  The Blind  7:15pm  Church Family Movie Princess Theatre
                                    Contact: Jennifer Autry for Tickets $7

October 8:  CIA  Meeting 5pm Fellowship
October 15:  Judgement Drama 2-7:30pm

October 21: Tailgate Fellowship    VOLS vs. BAMA 
                           Family Movie Night for NON-Football folks
October 29: 5th Sunday/Fellowship Meal Honoring 70+ Senior Members
November 4:  Fall Festival
November 12:  CIA Meeting 5pm Fellowship Hall



Celebrate life in Jesus with us.
Come by for a visit!

At Mt. Gilead, we are part of God's family, serving, loving and worshipping the Person of God through Jesus Christ. We would love to worship with you in person and share what God is doing with our family. Come and visit us!

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